Startup Spotlight: THE NÖRTH COMPANY

The North Company

“Mothers, we love you; we salute you; we are thinking about you. #mothers #mums #techformums” Just another tweet that shows the core driving value of The North Company.

Chidum grew up with four siblings. Every day he observed his mother’s constant kitchen challenges; from keeping an eagle eye on food expiration dates to having to work from memory as she toured through the supermarket, having left her shopping list at home!

This sparked the idea of creating a smart kitchen system that will be used to ensure every kitchen can be organized, well-stocked and safe. The idea is to tag food items and send the tagged data to your mobile device. This smart kitchen product has a working name of Ultrashelf. There will be two parts to the system:
1. Hubs – these sleek, thin, and modern hubs will be placed conveniently in your kitchen and will track tagged items, sending the tracking data straight to your mobile device.
2. Tags – Small RFID tags will be placed on perishable items to keep track of nutritional information and expiration dates.

Already, team members Chidum, Alex, Gideon and Shane have made great strides in the research and development of Ultrashelf. With the guidance of their RIT startup coach, they have met with Omni-ID, one of the world’s largest RFID companies headquartered in Rochester, NY. The team also secured a meeting with Wegmans to discuss the benefits and cost savings of their store implementing RFID technology.

Forward progress has inevitably been accompanied by many challenges. One of the earliest of these was nailing down the perfect team. After going through several team members, Chidum is confident they finally have the diverse skills needed to design and build their product. Now, more challenges have reared their heads; things like balancing time between school, work, and their startup, sourcing funding, and determining the right company structure.

Chidum is thrilled to be attending this year’s Tech Startup Expo. He looks forward to connecting with organizations that will help accelerate progress and development for their startup.

There is no question that The North Company will become Chidum’s full-time job after graduation. He has made it his mission to do everything possible to launch their product Ultrashelf, and to help mothers across the world!

– Myneco Ramirez

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