Myneco R.

From childhood, Myneco had always shown a great interest in technology and was oftentimes found at home disassembling computers. It was no surprise that she would pursue a IT career, but what did surprise her was how beneficial her technical skills would be in helping others achieve their goals.

After obtaining a B.S. in IT from RIT, Myneco developed a personal website/blog for friends to enjoy stories of her post-graduate adventures, but she soon discovered increased traffic from all over the world. In an effort to help other post-grads take on the “real world,” she extended the website to include a full job search engine for technical jobs.

Myneco’s quest to help others has created numerous opportunities for some small businesses, including her own. Her vast technical skills initially caught the attention of several women-owned businesses. These business owners quickly spread the word about the young entrepreneur, who always jumped at every opportunity to help. With a marked passion for technology and an unmatched enthusiasm, Myneco’s diligence soon earned her small media coverage and the title of “The I.T. Girl.”

Early in her career, Myneco was entrusted with the task of building and managing a school districtwide help desk. Later, as the Network Team Technical Administrator for URMC, she supported a team responsible for providing network support to Rochester area hospitals. Additionally, for four years, Myneco enjoyed operating her e-commerce business, Little Miss Babycakes, which she and her business partner were able to successfully dissolve through a private sale.

Myneco went on to create a corporate events and trade show company, MRB Concepts, LLC – with a focus on strengthening communities through knowledge. With the success of her first main event, Tech Startup Expo, Myneco already has plans in place for several more trade shows.