NXP Smarter World Tour

NXP has chosen the Tech Startup Expo as a stop on their smarter world tour! The truck will be available Friday, October 7th for all to view. Students and their parents are welcome to tour the truck from 9am to 11am on Friday. Tech Startup Expo attendees are encouraged to tour the truck during lunch.

The NXP Smarter World Tour is a massive semi-truck that transforms into a mobile trade show, highlighting the latest technologies fueling the Internet of Things (IoT). Launched in 2014, The Tour was designed to bring together customers, university professors and students, STEM educators, and consumers, sharing NXP’s vision of a smarter world that is not only connected, but also secure.

  • 180+ Demos
  • 2 levels + rooftop deck
  • 200 Stops
  • 27 States
  • 75 Unique Cities
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